Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Dear Twitter....

Let's have a talk.....

Things haven't been going well on here have they?.. don't interrupt just hear me out and then you can speak.

There have been some things said which in cold light of day we all regret If we try and unpick who said what to who (whom ?) it will take ages.

But rather than playing the big Twitter blame game and isolate and attempt to "destroy" more targets let's just try and remember one thing,

Life is shitty and it's short. More for some than others but no amount of wealth or fame can immunise anyone to that fact.

Some people are on Twitter for work some to play and some to do both. But most people are here to find a distraction from all that

The thing is it's not working and instead of finding yet another "culprit" we have to look at our own choices and seriously rethink them.

All of us need to do that not just those deemed untouchable on here for whatever reason some people have determined.

So before you pass on that next bit of gossip, which is bound not to be true, before you send that hate filled tweet before you rally a mob


Just consider what it feels like to be the target. Imagine that the person you are sending it to is a person just like you.

We all have the same needs and wants. We all have sorrows and woes. We all love and we all lose and we all fall. Every single one of us

No matter how much pain or anger or frustration or resentment you feel it will pass. Causing pain to anyone (because of your own pain) is no justification to do harm.

So that's all really. We all know that Twitter is just a popularity contest. There is a reason why there is a follower count.

Imagine for a moment that there is a unkind tweet counter instead. Think how many unkind things you've said and decide not to do it again.

Just an idea, just a thought, but I'll stop talking now.

 If I have hurt anyone I'm truly sorry and I definitely won't do it again.

Love Nik x

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